The Hijiori Group

Hijiori is a rustic hot spring resort in Yamagata Prefecture.
Hijiori Kokeshi dolls have two origins, namely both Nargo and Tohgatta, which styles are distinctly different from either. After the mixture, these dolls have evolved their own style of Nargo body with Tohgatta patterns.
The eyebrows are thick black, curved lines over eyes that have an upper and lower eyelid. The head shape is almost "square-ish" giving it the distinct look of the Hijiori doll. The body is decorated with chrysanthemums design and color lines around the top and bottom of body. Although not being one of the "prettier" dolls, it's uniqueness makes it very popular with serious collectors.

Okuyama Unshichi (1864 - 1939)
This Kokeshi is the type of Hijiori group,
which was made in later 1920s

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