The Narugo Group

Nargo hot springs were developed more than 1,000 years ago, and are known as rich output and a lot kinds of spa, which are located in Miyagi Prefecture. Historically, many lathe craftsmen worked for Japan ware (laccqur crafts) in Nargo. It was believed some of craftsmen in Nargo initiated to produce Kokeshi dolls in around 1830s.
These dolls are distinguishable as having shorter and fatter bodies with the spherical head, and the bodies are solid and have "shoulders". The heads are made separately from the body, and while the doll is being turned on the lathe, the head, which has a "tongue" like a neck, is forced into a hollowed out area of the body. Thus this doll makes a small squeaking sound when the head is turned from side to side. Japanese charactor of "Natrugo"is associated with "Crying baby" and customers are pleased with this symbolic sound. The colours of the Narugo group are usually red chrysanthemum flowers, with green on the body and chrysanthemum petals radiating from a black bang on the forehead. Sometimes a yellow colour is also on the body.

Oonuma Iwazo(1876 - 1950)
This Kokeshi is the type of Narugo group,
which was made in 1938

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