The Tohgatta Group

Tohgatta is a historical hot springs, located at the east side of Zao mountans in Miyagi Prefecture, and craftsmen live in Shinchi across Matsukawa River from Tohgatta hot springs. Tohgatta is one of the original Kokeshi producing site, and many other sites established their Kokeshi styles with the influence of Tohgatta.
The dolls of Tohgatta have a red radial design of chrysanthemums called TEGARA on their heads with green "leaves" around a black bang above the forehead. The bodies have Chrysanthemums painted on them and sometimes just lines. The bodies are rather slender, which is reminiscent of the days when small children carried Kokeshi covered with cusion on their back. These dolls appear brighter and more colourful than some of the other groups.

Sato Matsunoshin (1875 - 1942)
This Kokeshi is the type of Tohgatta group,
which was made early 1920s.

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