The Yajiro Group

Yajiro is located at the east side of Zao mountans in Miyagi Prefecture, and craftsmen have made Kokeshi between their main job of firming. Most of old Yajiro Kokeshi dolls were sold in Kamasaki hot springs, near Yajiro village by the craftmen's wives.
The majority of the Yajiro dolls have hand painted patterns of lines from neck to waist, and circular lines around the waist. There is a representation of a kimono-like collar at the neckline and a belt. The heads have a circular colorful line pattern over the crown. Some of the Yajiro group have pointed hats and some have the topknot hairdo.

Sato Haruji (1903 - 1982)
This Kokeshi is the type of Yajiro group,
which was made during 1920s.

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