The Zaotakayu Group

Zaotakayu, called Zao-onsen now, is in the front of Ski resorts in Japan and famous hot springs in Yamagata Prefecture, which Zaotakayu is just across Zao Mountain from Tohgatta. In early Meiji period (around 1870s), a lot of wooden crafts were brought from Tohgatta to Zaotakayu to supply for tourists.
In later 1880s, one young man visited Tohgatta from Zaotakayu to learn the skill of lathe. He was the first craftsman to make Kokeshi doll in Zaotakayu. As this history, Zaotakayu Kokeshi is basically similar style of Tohgatta, however bodies are rather massive and impression from Zaotakayu is quite different from Tohgatta.

Saito Matsuji (1877 - 1948)
This Kokeshi is the type of Zaotakayu group,
which was made in 1940.

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